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Closing a Limited Company

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Closing a Limited Company

90% of companies wishing to liquidate do so because of financial pressure. Issues such as poor cash flow, employee tribunals or creditor pressure often prove too much for Directors to manage, leaving them and their company in a vulnerable position.

Liquidating a Limited Company that has outstanding liabilities can be completed through a process known as Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation has a wealth of advantages for the Company, Creditors and Directors.


  • Clears 100% company debt *directors must be aware of personal guarantees
  • Legal action is halted
  • Staff able to claim redundancy
  • Leases are cancelled

  •  Ends debt collection
  • Receives money from sale of assets
  • Bad debt tax write off

  • Free to start new company
  • Protection from wrongful trading
  • Reduce personal liabilities
  • Avoid court procedures
  • Potential redundancy claim (£6,000 to £12,500 Average)
Before starting the process you will need to consult with a licensed Insolvency Practitioner as only they are able to place a company into liquidation. During the consultation the Insolvency Practitioner will look at the following things:
  • Assets the company may own
  • Debts that the company owes
  • Loans the company may have made
  • Any personal guarantees
  • Uncollected revenue
  • Employee redundancy claims
  • Director redundancy claims
  • Pending legal action
Our Insolvency Practitioner will then explain the options to the Director based on the financial position of the company. This will also account for any impact on your personal life. Often directors have forgotten about personal guarantees they may have signed, leaving them personally liable for the debt.



If you wish to consult with our licensed Insolvency Practitioner then please call 0800 3277 891. All our advice is FREE, confidential and tailored to you and your company.

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